Using two mobile dashboard: where is my dashboard?

Hi there,

I am using two mobile devices to connect to Zwift, both of the same brand (Apple): a tablet and a smartphone.

On my tablet, I use the Zwift app to see my ride/race/workout. At the same time, I use the Zwift Companion app on my phone. But most of the time, the dashboard doesn’t show up during rides. So what I see is kind of useless.

Is there a way to have an active Zwift Companion-dashboard on your phone whilst “playing” Zwift on your tablet?

Yes, but both of them must be on the same WiFi network.



As Gerrie mentioned, Zwift Companion and Zwift game app “see” each other via the same WiFi network.

In addition, you must log into both apps with the same Zwift account (i.e. same email address & password combination).

We have a troubleshooting guide on our support hub that may also provide additional help.


Thank you both.

I am doing things as described (same Wifi, same account on both apps), but without success (most of the time, during 2 out of my 11 rides till now I did see the dashboard in the companion app on my phone).

I will try again this weekend.

Are you using Zwift at home or at a gym?

I ask because some gyms setup their wireless so it isolates clients so they cannot talk to each other.

Another tip is to put the phone in Airplane Mode and just turn on WiFi and leaving Cell data turned off.

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Thanks Paul, I will try that! (Using at home.) I will let you know of it works.

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Maybe another thing to check is if they are both using the same band on your network ie 2.4 / 5.

That would not matter in most cases. It can work when a PC is hardwired and the device running the ZCA is wireless. I have also tested it using both 2.4 and 5GHz as well connecting across VLAN/Subnets. I need to test across VPN, but I think it should work if there is a route and communication between the 2 networks is permitted.

So basically, there just needs to be a route and permission for the connection to be made.

I am a network admin.

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Good to know, thanks Paul…

Tried to connect with two companions today on the same mesh network and it worked once but oddly I only needed to cycle at 50 Watts to keep up with the group. That was using my Sony mobile and Samsung A10 tablet.

It was a big group ride and it wasn’t long before the Sony reset the app (it does this went the group is very large, don’t know why) , then I couldn’t get both back connected and I had to up the power back to normal to keep up.

I also noticed that the two companion apps were not the same yet both are updated fully. The Samsung didn’t show the Zwifters nearby.