Dashboard not showing on IPhone

Can anyone help please?

IPad and IPhone are both on same WiFi network but whilst I am in the companion app the dashboard isn’t working.

I have also tried with mobile data turned off on the phone.

Latest IOS is on both devices.

Thanks in advance

Try killing the app by dragging your finger from the bottom left of the screen and then reopen it to refresh once the mobile data is turned off, sometimes it’s a bit of a faff and I think I’ve occasions where I can’t really get it to work at all too

Thanks Ian, I’ve deleted the App and kill it nearly every time but still no dashboard.

I can’t give in ride ride on’s, I can’t see power in the range - so annoying

Try rebooting your router.

It’s an issue with your Companion app being able to see your Zwift client app on a different device. So it’s a local networking issue of some sort.