Dashboard not showing up in app while riding

(Christian Weldy) #1

Every time I get on the mobile app on my Iphone 6 while i’m riding the dashboard doesn’t show up, so I have to get off my bike every time I want to choose which direction I want to go on intersections. I have deleted the app and install it again and made sure my computer and my phone are using the same router. What do I need to do to fix this problem

(Paul Allen) #2

Is the computer wired and the iPhone wirelessly? If they are both wireless make sure they are on the same SSID. Some routers create 2 wireless access points, one for 5Ghzand one for 2.4Ghz But with the same SSID. You might want to split it into 2 different SSIDs and make sure both the phone and computer are on the same one. I had the same issue until I split mine.

Being on the same router does not mean they are on the same subnet either. 


(Team Bunya) #3

I also had this problem today.  The app starts but the menu does not include ride, even though I am indeed riding.  Worked ok on 11 sept. Definitely only one subnet. 

(Paul Allen) #4

Team Bunya,

Try opening the app and logging out of it (Settings>Log Out) and close the app. This should clear the cache. Finally open the app and log back in and see if that resolve the issue. 

Also, you can have one subnet but your wireless could be broadcasting in both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz creating 2 access point, meaning your computer could be on one and your both could be using another. This was causing me issues until I split the 2 channels into difference access points. 

(Team Bunya) #5

Thanks Paul, I’ll try that later. 

I’m positive that the network issue you mention is not the problem in this case

(Team Bunya) #6

I think i have solved the problem.  Not multiple networks but multiple mobile devices.  I forgot that i used an old tablet on sunday and the new tablet yesterday. The old tablet was still logged in to Zwift. It must be that you can’t have 2 devices concurrently running the app for a given account.

Powered the old tablet off and the dashboard appeared on the new tablet