iPhone app not working

iPhone app not syncing while riding. Help?

both your computer running Zwift and your iPhone have to be on the same WiFi network.


mine are both on same wifi and the iPhone app does not do anything 

Mine isn’t working either. The action screen is not there and my mac won’t connect to my iPhone. Both are on the same wifi… Help!!!

Same. Both a Mac and iPhone 6s are running zwift on the same wifi but I am getting the game info on the iPhone during the ride. It did work a month or so ago on an iPad but won’t run on that now either. Could something be running on the MacBook or iPhone stop coms between the two. 

If you have a wireless access router that broadcast in 2 different frequencies the 2 devices could be connected to different ones. Try splitting the frequencies into 2 different access points and seeing if that helps.  

I was having the same problem today. I got mine to work. While riding I went to  settings on my iPhone and deselected my router and then reselected it. And then I turned off Wifi and then turned it back on and it started working.

Hope this helps!

Iphone app not working


We need a lot more info to assist you resolving your issue.