Using Kickr and Garmin Vector for Cadence. No ERG in Workout Mode

(Tommy Thornton (RCCLA)) #1

I’m using a Wahoo Kickr  and I use my Garmin Vector Pedals to measure my cadence while using Zwift. I noticed that if I’m using the vectors for cadence, I can’t use ERG in workout mode. Is there a way to configure the workout so it uses the Kickr for power, only uses the vector for cadence and allows ERG mode?

If not, I think it would make a good enhancement.


(I Tri For Tacos) #2

That’s odd. I use a Tacx Vortex/Vector Pedals/Combo Speed-Cadence sensor. When pairing my sensors I have the option to select any combination of the above and still use ERG mode. That is of course as long as I select “controllable trainer”.

One issue I’ve noticed is that my cadence readings are off when I use the speed/cadence sensor. Zwift displays a much higher number than my edge unit. If I use the Tacx or Vector pedals to measure cadence both Zwift and my edge match.