Ergo mode on Wahoo Kickr Core

Hi there,

I bought Wahoo Kickr Core trainer last week after my TacX Flux broke. Kickr is great (it was certainly an upgrade) but there is one issue. In ergo mode, the trainer is brutal when I stop peddling for even a few seconds. It’s hard to impossible to get the paddles turning again. I understand this is actually what is expected. At cadence “0” the resistance should be “infinity” for any prescribed wattage. But still, if you are doing a 20 min interval and need 10 seconds rest to keep going, it would be nice to let you do that :slight_smile:

Is there a configuration of either Zwift or Wahoo to make the trainer a bit more forgiving? Maybe something like “if cadence drops below 40, don’t increase the resistance any further”.

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Hi Tony, in a workout you can turn off/on ERG mode as you like. By default it’s on I guess. You can toggle it either in workout menu in Zwift or in companion app.

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What he said!

There is also a pause button in the companion app when doing a workout, after the hard interval just hit the pause button.

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