Using 2 computers for 2 riders

We have 2 computers set up, i ride 1 and my wife the other. She has the tacx flux, i have the neo2, there about 5 feet apart. One is set up for use with the companion app bluetooth, no ANY stick plugged into computer. The other computer has the ANT plugged in, the ANT HRM keeps dropping out, new battery in HRM. Is there a recommended way to have 2 computers setup, we seem to have a lot of crosstalk and problems with keeping things connected. Any ideas advice. Thanks.

Which HRM is it?

How close is the ANT+ receiver to the trainer/person wearing the HRM? Is there anything in between them like a fan or some other source of electrical noise? My wife and I ride side by side all the time, both of us with HRM and a Powermeter using ANT+ and never have drop outs (ok almost never). I ran usb extender cables so that the ANT+ receiver sits down near the PM and beside the HRM with nothing in between them.

What Ant+ receiver? I use Garmin and have never had Ant+ issues…never used an extension cable. My usb dongles are now years old…whenever the first Kickr Snap came out. Many use the less $$ offbrands with success but I have no experience…I always wondered about extension cables and receiver maker.

I have switched to BT has my newer laptop is pretty good with BT and someone on the forums mentioned better reaction time/reduce lag when gradients change…I have noticed the same and the trainer reaction matches much better with the visuals. Particularly on short rollers (Watopia Esses and France).

Can only tell you what we do - 2 neo2t’s using BL everything to Zwift. My HR BL to Zwift her HR ANT+ to Zwift. my garmin V3’s to 530 ANT+. Bikes normal distance apart that you’d have on the road. Both using Win 10. No drop-outs

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ANT+ can be susceptible to WiFi interference and when you use the Companion app for pairing it re-broadcasts all the communications over WiFi. Do you have a router that supports both 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz channels? If so, it might be worth trying to use the 5Ghz band for the Companion app and the device running Zwift that it’s connected to since that would bring it off of the frequency range that ANT+ uses. It would also be worth trying to make sure that the setup using ANT+ is not located in between the router and the other setup

Thanks so much for the replies and great suggestions. We do have fans running, 4 of them, and they are on the floor near the computer. Ill move them. And check the router. Thanks again everyone.

We’re using garmin HRM’s. We’re both on BT now. Since both of us are on BT, we haven’t had as many drop outs now.