Use of Virtual Shifting on Hub One after Zwift membership has ended

I am planning to buy a Hub One. Just to have a clear view: can I still use the Hub One and it´s electronic shifting if I decide not to prolongate the membership after one year? Thks for letting me know.

No shifting to virtual gears without using Zwift game.

Here is explanation from a DC Rainmaker review:

Except, with the Zwift Click (or Zwift Play) sending their data ONLY to the Zwift app, you can’t shift without Zwift involved. And thus, for any indoor trainer app where you want to shift (simulation mode), you’re out of luck with the Zwift Hub. Whereas, for any indoor trainer app in ERG mode (structured workout mode), you’re perfectly fine because you don’t need to shift. Those apps will control the Zwift Hub One, just as they always did.

In an ideal world, the Zwift Click would actually talk directly to the trainer instead. In fact, that’s why we saw Wahoo years ago have the KICKR CLIMB talk instead to the trainer, rather than apps. It ensures compatibility no matter the app. Perhaps we’ll see Zwift add that capability, though I suspect only if they see pressure to do so. But remember, without it – your Zwift Hub isn’t useful on other platforms unless you switch out to a normal cassette (which you can certainly do).


As stated, you wouldn’t be able to ride on Zwift so the gears wouldn’t work.

But… you can just replace the single cog set up with a normal cassette for your bike and then use the trainer as normal with any other app (but of course it would no longer have virtual shifting)


Replacing the Cog with a regular cassette doesn’t remove virtual shifting.

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I think Clubber’s point is that using it with any other app removes the virtual shifting, but that you can use a regular cassette with another app.


Doh! Yes, of course. Not sure how I missed that.