Virtual Gear Shifting

please add a feature that allows me to virtually shift gears via the companion app. (similar feature as that a taxc neo smart bike offers for shifting, but through zwift companion app).

This would allow me to use my trainer with less noise and would remove noise from physical gear shifting.

Try setting the trainer difficulty down to minimum. Reduces the number of gear changes required.

Can’t you just ride in erg mode or create a free ride workout and then manually adjust the wattage higher. I think I can do that by using my wahoo computer to control the trainer.

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i second this feature request, for several reasons:

  • it would be possible to use cheap single-speed bikes for the trainer, which are robust and need less maintenance
  • cheap shifting systems wouldn’t be the limiting factor anymore
  • no wear for expensive components if you don’t use them
  • shifting under load would not an issue
  • it would be possible to simulate different real or fantasy gear models, so one could use different ratios for different routes
  • as said, less noisy
  • bluetooth buttons for the hoods would be cheap (hardware) or free if you shift using the companion app
  • not complicated to implement on the software side

I have an idea where you could pick your favourite IRL rider and use their rider data…ie power and an app interfaces with Di2 for the gears to change as the rider would have as you are riding varying the resistance. Bring new meaning to a VR ride VR ride of a IRL ride virtually then you could have your coach loading your profile before you set out on a race :roll_eyes:

Yes please virtual gears would be an excellent feature.

I ride a fixed gear on zwift. While the gradient realism slider helps mitigate climbs, on fast pace flat rides I could use a bigger gear.

Changing the cog between rides would be a pita. A virtual gear selector would allow me to gear for the ride virtually.