Virtual Shifting without the Zwift Cog?

Hello Zwift community,

Currently, I have a 12-speed cassette installed in my Zwift hub, but I don’t have the specific cog for virtual shifting.

My question is: Can I still use virtual shifting with just the 12-speed cassette installed, without the cog? If so, is it possible to purchase only the Zwift click button separately, or can I configure a hotkey for shifting on the keyboard?

At the moment you unfortunately can’t buy the Click on its own. You can potentially buy the Zwift Play controllers though, which would let you use virtual shifting even without the Cog.

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Hi @Vinicius_Zarpelao thank you for your interest in the virtual shifting!

As @Steve_Hammatt mentioned, at this moment the Zwift Click is only available with the Zwift Cog. However, you can use the Zwift Play controllers to enjoy the features of virtual shifting while riding in your Zwift Hub Classic 12-speed cassette.

Thank you both for the feedback.
At the moment, for me, it seems excessive to buy the zwift controllers only to have the virtual shifting option.