New hub one trainer

Looking at purchasing the new hub one but use other training platforms aswell but hear the virtual shifting via the click is only able to be used on zwift? Is this the case? If yes any way this will be be changed so it can be used on all training platforms? I love the idea of the virtual shifting like a smart bike, plus the option of using different bikes on it without changing cassettes. I would think this would be a big mover especially if it can be used with the click on all platforms. Please comment on thoughts and opinions.

i think the short answer is not a chance - but i’ve been wrong before.

(Waving hands here) AFAIK the shifter only interacts with the game, not the trainer directly, so support for virtual shifting would depend on other game developers supporting the shifter. It’s not out of the question but I think it would require development work in the other apps, not Zwift.

I’m sure the other apps would do the work if it meant having more users. In the end it’s all about $$$!