Use ant+ pm control with kickr

I have a question,and i have tried and find an answer but have not find the answer yet, so i try here as some other ppl before me has done aswell.

I want to connect my assioma duo direct to kickr via the wahoo app and broadcast it to zwift, and i have paired it as the wahoo instruction says with ant+ id but
The kickr dont broadcast my favero its only broadcast kickr pm

“I also use my wahoo bolt to double check what the favero broadcasting to make sure what kickr broadcasting”

I know i can use my favero direct to zwift but that is not what i want or ask about right now, that i will do if i dont get this sorted out, or maybe its not even possible to broadcast outside the wahoo app maybe it only working inside the wahoo app?.

And from what i can read it also says its only working with ios and that makes me think that its maybe only working inside the wahoo app.

Well i hope someone can chim in that know all this to 100% .

So short conclusion.
I have toggle on the ant+ pm option in wahoo app, i have filled in my assioma duo ant+ id, but kickr dont broadcast the assioma pm its still broadcasting kickr pm to zwift.

And sorry if my spelling is crap im from swe tho :slight_smile: but i hope you understand most of the part to help me with an answer.


Any specific reason why you don’t want to connect the assiomas to Zwift?

Contact Wahoo support

What you want to achieve is not possible. You can connect your Assioma pedals to the kickr but that does only mean the power value measured by the Assioma pedals will be used by the kickr to adjust it’s resistance. It won’t be broadcasted, so the Assiomas are more or less a steering device. And it also comes with a little delay. In my opinion, it’s not worth digging into this any further. Since the kickr has a great accuracy when calibrated properly, you can use the Assioma for dual recording and compare them to the power measured directly by the Kickr.

Hi, i just wanted to see if it was possible to use in this way with kickr.
Ty for the answering.

Hi, i use them for dual checking, and like you say thay are very close in messuring, in race mode kickr give me some higher peak watt and thats expected in 10hz.
But in 1 min 5min 20min 1hr then its a diff of max 0.5-1,5 % difference

About calibration, kickr v6 dont have a spindown function, think that only is on v5 and down.

But im very greatfull for your answers and i dont need to thing about it any more.

I still don get it… if i pair them to kickr why dont
I see the assiomas value in the output in app if kickr
Take the value to controll resistance?

And when i pair them to kickr and then do my workout
On zwift then should kickr use that watt that assioma
Sends to kickr and kickr should show and use them on zwift in erg/race ect.

Maybe im stupid but i dont realy get it why it dont work.
If assiomas power value is instead of kickr power value

Explaine so a kid understand so maybe i get :slight_smile:
And stop thinking about it any more.

Morgan, I’ve read your thread as it developed. I also have Assioma Duos and a KICKR (mine’s the v5).

I think the essential point is that, although you can pair the Assiomas to the KICKR in the Wahoo app, that pairing is ignored by Zwift itself.
You cannot permanently pair the Assiomas so that they replace the KICKR’s built-in power meter (PM) within the KICKR. Zwift just sees two separate power meter signals, the KICKR’s and the Assiomas’.

To replace the KICKR’s PM for reading power by the Assiomas in Zwift, each time you open Zwift you have to go through the same annoying loop, which involves first pairing the KICKR for ‘Power’ and ‘Controllable’ and only then going back to the ‘Power’ window and selecting the Assiomas instead. (I do the same for cadence, since I find the Assiomas’ values more reliable than the estimated cadence from the KICKR.)
When you do that, you should be seeing the power reading from the Assiomas on the Zwift screen, and Zwift should be using those values to feed back into controlling the KICKR.
I hope this helps.

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The thing is, that Assioma pedals just tell kickr what they measure as power. By doing so, kickr doesn’t use it’s own power measurement for adjusting resistance. But it still transmits its measurement, it doesn’t tunnel through assiomas power. Its doing so by design.

So what might work is another thing of pairing them to zwift:

Pair your kickr as controllable, while pairing assioma pedals als power source.

This will give you the power in zwift measured by Assioma pedals, and they keep telling kickr their power.

But I’m still not getting why you want to do so.

I mostly pair the pedals as a power source in zwift and kickr as controller, that the why i done it in a year time when i had flux smart as a trainer, but when i bought the kickr and see that it has the ant+ pm option to toggle on then i thought nice now i can use my favero direct to kickr and only use the kickr on zwift.

It was just for saving time pairing to zwift, " tho it dosent take long"

But well it looks like its not posdible to use assioma tru kickr and then zwift so i wont bother with it any more.

And about your question about why i want to use favero is due to the fact that kickr trainers need good chain cassettes and need to be in wery good shape to show right power ect, favero dont care about that, and also i use my bike outside and i want the pm to be same both out and in zwift and zwift races, only time i use kickr in race is when i use it with race mode and when all pm is ok and witin ± 1 % from favero, i always double log the pms cuz i like to compare and kickr v6 and favero is very close in pm, so sometimes i use favero in zwift and sometime kickr.

This thread was most only why i could not go via kickr
But now its sorted out once and for all, hope this thread will help some more in the future that searching for an answer.

So ty all that have reply to my stupid questions.

Best regards//M

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