Uphill problem

Hi anybody any ideas that could help me for the last month maybe more when i cycle up any hill small med or large i cant go more than 4 mph i have a kickr 5 and use apple tv , i am connected with direct to wifi . i have resarted router , and kickr , deleted zwift app restored it yet problem still stays and i done my rider settings to minimum which doesn’t change anything . Some times it goes to 0 mph then goes really stiff before moving again . I had a problem few months back with rider not moving which turned out to be a problem with kickr which full credit to Wahoo they replaced the kickr even though it was out of two year warranty was done very quickly and without any fuss as such very impressed with them. I mentioned this as had a few friends say its kickr problem but mine is new. Also i have checked and fully updated software.

Have you checked your Zwift avatar rider weight?

There was a bug last year where the “,” used in Non-UK Europe instead of decimal was ignored, so riders could easily be 7000Kg+ (7 tonnes) in-game.

Some time after the bug was fixed, I came across a rider with the bug in a Zwift Insider Tiny Race, they were left for dead on the climb!

What are you seeing for Watts when this happens? Does it show a power drop? If not, it might be incorrect weight as Steve mentioned.

If Watts go down then that might be a trainer problem or a problem with Zwift connectivity to the trainer.

Are you using ERG mode when it happens? Does it also happen in sim mode?

When you say you set your rider settings to minimum, does that mean you have already tried selecting a light wt?

I’m sure I have the right weight , I do have it in stones and pounds and I’m quite heavy :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: not sure if I try in metric might be better , will look later thank you

I think watts drop the thing I don’t understand is the Erg mode as I just connect to my kickr 5 which has both so I’m not sure do you know . If I turn Bluetooth of will it work through ERG as I have direct link lead to WiFi as I haven’t tried that . Up until January this year I had no real problems then a new update came and since then I haven’t constant problems with it and I haven’t changed anything from before thanks

In the Rider settings I always had it in the middle but since this problem have changed to the easiest but it’s made no difference. I will as someone else mentioned check weight thanks

I think you’re referring to Trainer Difficulty.
That should not affect your speed but will make the hills feel easier.

Are you experiencing this problem in a free ride, or in a workout? Workouts use ERG mode by default. Free rides never use ERG mode. The Trainer Difficulty setting only affects free rides (sim mode), so it won’t do anything if you’re in a workout.

just as a heads up, if you change “trainer difficulty” to drag the slider all the way to the left, the trainer will no longer apply additional resistance when going up hills, so might want to avoid doing that if you want a more “authentic” ride experience :smiley:

what are your watts exactly, when riding on a hill climb and experiencing the issue? 0w or normal?

also what type of bike is connected to the trainer, & gear ratio if you know it. if using a mountain bike, that may be your issue.

Thanks fir these tips I’m away for few days will get on to it next week :+1: