Update is stuck while downloading in Mac

Even after multiple restarts and reinstalls, I am unable to download the latest update from Zwift. I got this error in one the attempts. I checked my internet speed, tried using the hotspot, full clean up of all the old files, nothing worked. Have used the email support option in Zwift,com, but not sure how fast they will be in responding. Any help would be appreciated…

They may take two or more weeks to respond.

I can’t make out what that error says on my phone screen.

The only method I’ve heard of that might work is use a different ISP to download. So if your mobile phone is with a different provider and you have sufficient data try switching to mobile hotspot and updating through that. Otherwise maybe you could use a friend’s or work’s internet. Just a thought.


I am lost as to why isn’t there a link that would allow one to download a complete current setup package, forcing users to this update experience.

In game update? why not. But I would rather it updated in the background: have a periodic task poll the servers and have it ready for installation when the user starts the game, or better, have is silently installed (example: Firefox…)

(BTW, like so many other features requested, this stands ZERO chance of being implemented)

(BTW2: “Error code 56, Line 512” is meaningless to users. Is it “bad weather”? or “I am not in the mood”? no one but Zwift support knows… how about providing us with a list of error codes and proposed source/solution/actions?)

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