Update 1.0.52

Using zwift version 1.0.52 it got stuck on “preparing to update” several times. When lucky, it would download the update, but then just proceeds to get stuck on installation. The installer provides no feedback to the user in terms of download speed or disk writing speed, but from task manager I can tell at installation it is not writing to disk, and is just stuck sitting there. I waited for a long time and had to shut it down.

I uninstalled Zwift and installed it from the website, hoping the patch would be part of the installation package. But the same problem occurs, it opens up, shows version 1.0.52 in the left bottom corner of the screen, and gets stuck on either the updating or the installation phase.

Can you please provide an executable of the newest Zwift for installation?
The launcher cannot succeed in this update, so I can’t Zwift.

ok. i got lucky. after an hour of frustration it somehow fell through and zwift started up.
it would really help for people in some countries, including china, if Zwift could just provide the patch as an executable installer from your website.
we can have really a tough time connecting to the login server or the update server.

I mainly use Zwift through my AppleTV. I’ve slacked on Zwifting since the weather has been good for outdoor riding. Today, Aug 25th, I’m having the same issues. I’d have thought Zwift would have fixed it by now…

Hi @_46_2_O_C welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. You resurrected an old thread that’s specific to Windows users so I need to ask clarifying questions.

1.You said you “mainly use Zwift through my AppleTV” - are you using Mac or Windows this time? Please let us know what computer OS you’re trying this on? Some context about that specific computer is important. (i.e. is it Windows 7 machine? ballpark age of the thing, how much RAM it has, etc)

  1. Apple TV users should not see the “Preparing to Update” message because it doesn’t use the same launcher mechanism. If you are getting stuck on AppleTV, would you take a photo of the screen you’re stuck on and drop it in your response? Thanks

I used AppleTV for day-to-day rides, but use a pretty good, RAM and all the other stuff, computer . I checked a while back and it was beyond the basic needs to run Zwift. Windows10.
The computer is a few years old and my wife keeps it pretty clean of clutter that’d slow it down. I had her look and no other unnecessary programs we’re running in the background.
I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled Zwift, defrag, disk clean up, double-triple checked everything and the crap takes 3+ to “Update” and then freezes. Once it “completes” it’ll give an estimate of finish time. Well, we went to dinner and the estimated “finish” time started climbing and got up to 479min. Total BS.

Thanks for confirming it’s a Windows machine. Game version v 1.16.1 released today, so I was concerned your symptoms might be more widespread, but so far - not seeing similar reports from today.

You seem tech savvy. Some of the issues that can get in the way of a proper installation are documented on this Support Hub article. Would you check if your computer might have any of them happening? Also - please check if that computer’s hard drive is near capacity. That will also hinder things.

If that article doesn’t uncover a known cause - please use the Contact Us link on support.zwift.com so one of my colleagues can give you more personalized assistance.

Something that would help them is to have ready your computer spec details, which you can retrieve following these steps. Another thing that would be informative is to find out what other processes are running on that machine and perhaps creating conflicts.

this exact same problem is happening to me and i havent been able to figure it out

Ok… Since our last convo I’ve done so much and still nothing. What I’ve done (not an exact order):

Uninstalled Zwift and any file I could find on my computer at least 5 times
Turned off all the programs and apps that would have been running in the background
Disk Cleanup and Defrag, each about 3 times
End Task’d a ton of things processing
Cleared out old downloads
Deleted old programs
Updated Windows
Confirmed that my account is the Admin
Tried turning off all firewalls…AVG and Windows
Multiple Restarts and Full-On shut downs
Spoke with an ambassador…which was zero help

I just can’t figure out what’s blocking that final push…

Info on my computer:
Win 10
916GB free space on HD
Processor: AMD A10-6700 APU Radeon HD Graphics
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 8670D
Bluetooth 4.0

I only need the computer to create workouts. So frustrating…

Did you get yours going? I’m still stuck. I had to work the last 4 days so, Zwift wasn’t close to being on my mind.

After nearly 24hrs of letting Zwift do its thing, it failed and displayed this error:

Update Failed during patching. Error Code: Z117 at Line 602 in Patcher.cpp.
Please Contact Zwift Support…


I’ve been stuck “Preparing to Update” for weeks now. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, tried from different browsers, dumped all files pertaining to Zwift, tried going through the support chat (waited, gave up) emailed support, was told to uninstall, reinstall, etc… still stuck. I just want to run this on my Windows laptop (which is completely up to date with Windows, etc.). It might be time for a new platform that will just work…

See Windows 10 recaptcha_en.js login error [November 2021] [SOLVED] for a workaround.

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Doesn’t work when you can’t change the security settings on your laptop, been there, tried that… couldn’t block it.