Update 1.0.52

Using zwift version 1.0.52 it got stuck on “preparing to update” several times. When lucky, it would download the update, but then just proceeds to get stuck on installation. The installer provides no feedback to the user in terms of download speed or disk writing speed, but from task manager I can tell at installation it is not writing to disk, and is just stuck sitting there. I waited for a long time and had to shut it down.

I uninstalled Zwift and installed it from the website, hoping the patch would be part of the installation package. But the same problem occurs, it opens up, shows version 1.0.52 in the left bottom corner of the screen, and gets stuck on either the updating or the installation phase.

Can you please provide an executable of the newest Zwift for installation?
The launcher cannot succeed in this update, so I can’t Zwift.

ok. i got lucky. after an hour of frustration it somehow fell through and zwift started up.
it would really help for people in some countries, including china, if Zwift could just provide the patch as an executable installer from your website.
we can have really a tough time connecting to the login server or the update server.