Error code 115 /Patcher.ccp line 564

Hey everyone,

Since last Sunday (May 10), I’m unable to update the Zwift app on both my MacBooks. I keep getting the same error code 115 /Patcher.ccp line 564. Running the latest version, Catalina 10.15.4.

I’ve contacted Zwift support on Sunday but no response so far. Anyone out there that can help me out?


Might be worth uninstalling and reinstalling?

Hey Ben, thanks for taking the time to help me out - appreciate it!

Tried that 2 times already - no luck :pensive:

Have you read this old post? Update failed. Error Code: Z112 at Line 594 in Patcher.cpp

I wonder if using your mobile data for the update would work in this case (it could a completely different issue of course).

It seems to have come up a few times with certain ISPs

@Ben_Brawn I just read it! Great find, seems to be a similar problem. Just tried opening the App using mobile data and it now runs - but it didn’t update :thinking: I tried using WiFi after that but I ran into the same problem.

@Gavin thanks for the extensive reply and the solution! I’m clearly not as technical as you but I’m gonna give it a try to fix it.

I am however pretty shocked at the lack of customer support from Zwift - which, if you read the forum is something that keeps popping up. Not sure if I’m willing to pay for a service if I have to ‘hack’ the App myself just to keep it working…

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Update --> @Ben_Brawn just received an email from Zwift support. Told me to clear my browser history - and it worked!

So I guess it’s as easy as that!

Lol that’s pretty crazy

I have the same issue. How did you fixed this @Reinier_Jonker? Just cleared your browser history? Doesn’t work here.

I re-installed Zwift already but nothing helps.

Problem solved! Issue with internet provider. Needed to a click button to confirm something because I reached 90% of my download capacity.

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Hey @Michiel_Verfaillie, the issue actually popped back up a few days later so it wasn’t a real fix. It appears the problem has something to do with an ‘open’ session on another device. Eg. Zwift is still running in the background of your phone and you open Zwift on your computer.

My fix: I deleted the apps on all my devices, including any files left even after deleting the app on my MacBook. That worked - and Zwift support told me to be very careful not having Zwift open on multiple devices.

I now rarely use my MacBook for Zwift, just an iPad or iPhone.

I hope this fixes your problem. Hit me up if you need more info - I know how frustrating this can be.

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This problem seems to have multiple fixes :sweat_smile: Enjoy the ride!

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It will be for tomorrow :smiley: