Update 4/23 not right

When start zwift race I have to put gear in smal ring on back but the hub over runs ther is no resistance I then can only let hub run I am able to stay with the group of riders free running could not do this before update sometimes the controller says not connected without any changes normally before above I pedals hard as I can and cannot get above 1.5
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Did you check that the trainer is connected as Power AND Controllable.

On start up it does not connect first time
I sometime need to switch off power on zwift new trainer and on again
It then connects all except Apple Watch that then takes a few times to connect
May be problem with the Zwift trainer hub
Can you change it
Thanks Malcolm Edwards

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Just donea ride at 9:30 Bonbon

All the way through it was asking me to speed up at say 50w I was doing 60w happened to all speeds

I had same problem of resistance able to pedal fast with no resistance even in hard gear the had to freewheel to get resistance back to be able to pedal again

I have only had your Zwift trainer for a few months

So I would ask you to replace it as it is faulty

Malcolm Edwards

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Gerrie doesn’t work for Zwift.

Please contact our support team and they will be able to help you further: Troubleshooting

If the articles don’t help, please click on contact us under “still having issues”

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when it does not connect you can click unpair and then Pair it again.

Did this only happen on your last ride. ( 2x20 FTP Intervals In Watopia)

That is a workout and it look like ERG is turn off.

You can do 2 tests:

  1. Ride the Watopia hilly route and feel if the resistance increase when you go up hill.
  2. Open a workout and see in the companion app if ERG is turned on.