Unstable Cadence in training mode

I use a Elite Direto XR, new in December 2020, which I have connected to a windows 10 laptop with BT.

In free ride and race the cadence is fine, but in workout mode (not tested ERG mode yet) the cadence is jumping all over the place. It more or less never gets stable, beeing in the range of 70-180 rpm (switching every second or faster), while I am riding normal 75-100rpm. I have compared to cadence from my Favero Assioma Uno, which is very stable and predictable, connected to Garmin FR 735XT by ANT+.

Do anyone have a good idea about this issue? Should I buy a ant+ dongle and try if the different connection type could solve it? Of course I can select the Favero as cadence sensor, but I want to make sure there is nothing wrong with the Direto XR during guarantee time.I would assume the product is ok, as it works fine in some modes.

I will also try workout mode when connected to my android phone. After that I will try with the elite E-training software, but most of all I just want to do rides and workouts on zwift, without spending time on testing.

Appreciate any advices, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Eivind
I’d go the Ant+ route. I’ve only ever used Garmin cadence sensor as it haas never given me any problems.
Sounds like the Assioma’s are just as good.

Thanks Troy, yes the Assioma works very nicely, but for wattage I prefer the Direto XR , as the single sided Assioma is less generous :smile: Both should be very accurate, but the pedal balance is normally not 50/50.

Having looked more closely into it, there is a cadence issue in any mode at the latest rides.
Anyway, generally it seems like ant+ is more in favour than BT amongst the users, so probably I’ll order the dongle. I hope it is as simple as that solving the cadence issue.

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