Inaccurate cadence after update

I’m running a garmin cadence sensor 2 with a Direto XL smart trainer. Before the latest update everything was working fine. Post update and at times despite pedalling consistently the indicated cadence will suddenly drop over twenty seconds from say 90 rpm to say 40 then sit there for a while before climbing back up over a similar period of time. I can see from looking at my legs their speed has not decreased by 50%. This is very disappointing that once again Zwift has done an update that degrades the user experience. I expect better service from a subscription based organisation. Get it sorted

I see similar when using the Direto XR’s own cadence info. I don’t know whether it’s Zwift reading it wrong or Elite sending the wrong info. Are you certain it’s the Garmin sensor that’s running for cadence? It’d be interesting if that is the case, as I thought it would be the trainer sending the wrong info…

I have always had it set up for the Garmin to send the Cadence, as I started off with a dumb trainer and both a Cadence and Speed sensor from Garmin. When I installed the Direto XL I elected to keep the Garmin for Cadence on the grounds that with the Cassette there the trainer only actually knows the output speed and not the pedal cadence. I will double check, as I have had issues with my HR strap having to be re-added after the update. That said, even if it were coming from the trainer, the cadence should not vary in that way with my legs turning as a relatively even pace.