Elite Direto XR Cadence issue


Hope this is the right place to post this. Im very new

I have a new Direto XR only have a maybe 20 rides or so on it. Ive notice that the last few rides my Cadence is jumping around at times pretty dramatically.
I will see it jump from what im riding which is about 90-100 up to 130 or 150 then drop to 70 or 50 etc.

it goes all over before stabilizing for a while and goes through that cycle again.

Its hooked to zwift through my mac book pro. everything seems good except for these readings. This is while ive ridden in training rides and in zwift regularly as well.

Any ideas on what to do here to fix this issue?

Hi Kenneth, I have the same trainer, but never had issues with the cadence reading.
The thing is that the Direto don’t have a cadence sensor, but extracts the cadence from the power information. In my case it has been always accurate, but i cannot exclude that with different pedaling styles it can misread the cadence. I suggest you anyway to try updating the firmware with the Upgrado app.

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I have this problem with the Drivo. I solved the problem by fitting the bike with its own ant+ Cadence Sensor and making sure zwift used that to pair with not the Elite Cadence sensor.
Works perfectly now.

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I think my firmware should be the most recent but no harm in double checking. I will do that tonight see what I can find out. Strange they would extract cadence from power rather than have its own sensor. But I did just read up on that. See what happens after update. Thank you.

Ya I have a power meter and cadence sensor on my bike. I will try updating firmware and see if that is a solution if not I will give your idea a go and see how that plays out. Thank you for the feedback.