Cadence hardly changes

Hi all, got a problem with my cadence. I’ve just done a sprint workout and for the whole hour my cadence range was 64-71rpm doesn’t matter how fast I power my legs it barley ever gets above 72 and I can cruise along hardly moving my legs and it doesn’t drop below 60rpm. This is an ongoing problem that I’ve had since I bought my turbo trainer. Any idea would be much appreciated?

What is your complete set up? Do you have a cadence sensor? Is it connected to Zwift?

Hi, I have an Elite drivo II turbo trainer with cadence monitor on it, it’s all linked to Zwift.

have you calibrated it via the elite app? if it’s ever since you have had it id suggest its a faulty on the hardware side of things

Thanks Rich. I’ve got the app but haven’t used it to calibrate (will give it a go).

Mode candence reported by trainers (except the Tacx Neo) are just estimates based on variations in your power through your pedal stroke. Some are more accurate estimates than others. It might be this sort of inaccuracy that you’re seeing.