Elite Direto Cadence Sensor Issues

Hi—I’ve been having cadence issues while using Zwift lately. My direto will slow to 0 RPMs and hold my immediately precious watts. I can still feel resistance changes but it looks as if I’m coasting. Whether I disconnect or wait, reconnection to the sensor is random. Sometimes I’ve gone minutes without connection. Is there a separate battery for the Direto’s cadence sensor? I would think not as the unit is plugged in. I’ll see if there are answers on Facebook, but google searching hasn’t helped. I appreciate any advice. Thanks—

The Direto like other trainers of that kind do not feature a real cadence sensor. The cadence is calculated from slightly changes of force throughout your pedalstroke. The smoother you can turn the crank, the less precise the calculated candence is.
I haven‘t encountered any kind of issues with the Direto but have had exactly the same issue with a Powercal powermeter. The only thing that worked was removing the battery and reconnect. In your case that would be disconnecting the Direto from its power supply and reconnect.

Cheers, Matz

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Okay. Thanks. I’ve done the reset and the same thing happens. Also, this is a new issue. All last year it worked fine. I think there’s another issue with it.

I had same problem. I did recalibration on elite app and resolved.

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Hey there, i also had an issue where after a few days of non usage, my Direto reported very inconsistent power and cadence readings. Under the unit there is an offset number in my case it is 6271, when i ran the calibration tool on my—training app it was coming back at 6264. Per Elite’s instructions, i had to tighten the belt bolt using 6 allen wrench until the reading came back back with 6271. This seems to have worked for me. I suppose over time the belt loosens and causes erratic data information. I hope this helps.