Cadence Sensor not being remembered

(Carl Nolan) #1

Was hoping this would be resolved in the latest update but Zwift is not remembering my Cadence senor. I have to do a match each time I ride.

Is there a plan to resolve thins anytime soon?

I always spin the pedals to ensure it is transmitting but has no effect. All the other sensors are getting remember correctly. If one does a search the Bike and Trainer sensors are always listed.

Here is my Devices List:

    <DEVICE>[0] [725725] Powermeter 4829</DEVICE>
    <DEVICE>[0] [7925517] HR Strap 61197</DEVICE>
    <DEVICE>[0] [1118941] ANT+ Trainer 4829</DEVICE>
    <DEVICE>[0] [7934685] UNKNOWN Speed/Cadence 4829</DEVICE>
    <DEVICE>[0] [7954329] CARDIOSPORT Speed/Cadence 24473</DEVICE>

And the preferences:


I did have to manually add the LASTPOWERDEVICE node as this was not getting written to the prefs.xml file along with the other preferences.


(Richard Passavant (NP)) #2

I’ve found spinning my pedals backwards doesn’t wake up my Garmin ANT+ Cadence sensor, I have to go forward to wake it up so I either push it hard by hand or just get on and spin a couple to wake it up.

Perhaps yours is doing the same?

(Carl Nolan) #3

Zwift can see the Cadence sensor when I spin the pedals, its is just not remembering anything so I have to do a search every time I start the game.

(Ulisses Righi) #4

Same happens to me.

(John Vincent) #5

And me too - have to choose it everytine

(Ronald Termaat) #6

Same here. Garmin Speed/Cadence.

(... Teako (TV5)) #7

Same here , Wahoo SC Sensor

(Y ohans) #8

Same for me. Garmin GSC 10. Needs to be paired every time.

It also comes up with the incorrect name for the sensor.

The wrong name also changes over time.  ???

Currently it is identified as a DEXCOM

Some time previously it was called an Echowell.

I don’t think it has ever been a Garmin

Go figure

(Andrew Brown FHCC) #9

Thank you, its just not me then. Thought I was going mad.  

(Peter Stettner (DFW)) #10

yep here too


(Jason Durst) #11

I have the same problem with ZWIFT not remembering cadence and sometimes not remembering the speed sensor.  I can almost always search and find the speed sensor,  but I am not able to always search and find the cadence sensor.  Last night it never found the speed sensor (3-30-2016)

Any solution?


Fluid 2 Trainer

Garmin Cadence Sensor (on pedal)

Garmin Speed sensor (on wheel hub)

Garmin Heart Rate Monitor

Using 6 foot extension USB cable with Garmin Dongle


(Richard Passavant (NP)) #12

@ Jason - did you apply yesterday’s update?

Per the announcement this issue /should/ have been addressed, and I noticed my cadence sensor (RPM by Wahoo) was recognized instantly and didn’t even require the manual wakeup time.

(Jason Durst) #13

@ Richard Yes I have the latest ZWIFT update.  It was after the update it lost all the sensors so I had to search and find them again.  It found the speed sensor but never found the cadence sensor.  After each update I seem to have to always find the sensors again.