Everytime there is an update Zwift can't find my sensors

(Don Whiting) #1

Garmin HR

Garmin Cadence Speed/Sensor

Cycleops Powerbeam Pro

Everytime there is an update I have to delete zwift from my macbookpro and reinstall it to get any of my sensors to show up. Very annoying when I have limited time to work out. Seriously thinking about leaving zwift and going back to trainer road. I can’t be dealing with technical issues during my time to work out. I too was a beta tester and never had any of these ANT+ issues until after I started paying for Zwift.

Anybody have a similar issue? I previously opened a ticket and got no help really. Lots of move the usb stick closer to the sensors… It can’t get any closer. without being in my drivetrain. My setup will work fine again I’m sure after I delete zwift and reinstalll AGAIN which I do not have time to do every time the thing updates.

(Jason Durst) #2

I have the same problem with ZWIFT not remembering cadence and sometimes not remembering the speed sensor.  I can almost always search and find the speed sensor,  but I am not able to always search and find the cadence sensor.  Last night it never found the speed sensor (3-30-2016)

Any solution?


Fluid 2 Trainer

Garmin Cadence Sensor (on pedal)

Garmin Speed sensor (on wheel hub)

Garmin Heart Rate Monitor

Using 6 foot extension USB cable with Garmin Dongle



Yes have current ZWIFT update