Forgetting Garmin Speed / Cadence Sensor

Been trying out Zwift for a week now - five separate rides - and really impressed so far.

One minor niggle occurs as I’m setting up for a ride. Zwift remembers my heart rate monitor and power meter from last time around, but “forgets” my speed and cadence sensor meaning that I need to search for it again.

Not a big deal as the search process is very quick, but it would be useful if the program would remember all of my sensors each time I log in.

I have a Garmin combined speed / cadence sensor. My heart rate monitor is a PowerTap Powercal which also serves as the power meter (it’s all I could afford).

I don’t think Zwift “remembers” any of the sensors. It might just take more time (or spinning the cranks/wheels) to activate your sensors, making them available for discovery.

I second Eric’s answer. I think it needs to re-register all your sensors everytime you start a session, and some just take more time than others :slight_smile:

Correct. Something needs to be actively transmitting in order for Zwift to detect it.

I’m having this exact same issue - none of my sensors are remembered (this would be a nice feature) But I am struggling to get my Garmin cadence (new style) to register at all


It seems very hit and miss, I give the cranks a spin, pair / unpair numerous devices, and it still doesn’t pick up - gave up on it this morning as was in a rush

Odd thing is, it has paired a few times with no issues. But more often than not Zwift doesnt detect it