Zwift does not remember cadens sensor

(Anton Maters) #1

Everytime i start zwift I have to select which cadens sensor to use. I am using the Garmin sensor since it gives the best result. However, my elite trainer also has a cadens sensor. Probably because of this during pairing Zwift does not select either one of them. Doing this everytime is time consuming and unnecessary. Is it possible for Zwift to remember which sensor is being used?

(DB Smith (65+)) #2

It’s a minor annoyance but I’d like to have a fix for this, too.

I may be mistaken but I’m pretty sure that the program (on Mac) used to remember the Garmin speed/cadence sensor (I started Zwift in November last year). But, in a subsequent “update” the cadence memory went away!

(Mark Barron) #3

I’ve got a Bontrager Cadence/Speed sensor.  Zwift can’t remember that also.  I’m new and running on a Mac.  Small hiccup at the start to re-connect.  Something Zwift should be able to fix is suspect.

(Patrick Stirrat) #4

Same thing with me - I have a Garmin cadence sensor, and Zwift “forgets” it every time I start the program.  It always finds it when I search for it.  Minor annoyance, but would be great to have a fix/workaround.