Elite Director cadence problems with Zwift

Has anyone else had any problems with erratic cadence readings using the Elite ,

Thanks Tim

Do you mean the Direto? I ditched the “built-in” cadence for ANT+. No issues.

It’s not unique to Zwift. It’s pretty well-known that the Direto’s cadence measurement (from the OTS) is erratic (at best) when spinning a relatively high cadence under light load and that it becomes more stable as resistance increases and cadence decreases.

In other words, you can use it with decent reliability when just riding along at ~ 90 RPM - but it’s less useful during interval workouts (ERG) when cadence targets are used and/or resistance jumps rapidly up & down between high efforts and rest.

Elite doesn’t attempt to hide this, and actually state that you should use an external cadence sensor for most accurate pedaling analysis w/ the myEtraining app, etc.

They sell one here: https://www.shopelite-it.com/en/spare-parts/home-trainer/cadence-sensor-kit

Or you can use any other ANT+/BLE cadence sensor (e.g. garmin, wahoo, etc) for improved accuracy.

that sensor is actually so you can get the left right power balance and a few other metrics.