A question on cadence sensors

I am using an Elite Qubo smart trainer to Zwift on iMac. I don’t have any other electronics. As of now my cadence is probably detected from whatever Elite understands of it. It seems highly inaccurate at times. I am wondering if I should get an external cadence sensor. Here I have two questions - A. Will it improve things at all? B. Which one will Zwift take the information from? The external sensor or Elite’s own measurement system? Or do I get a choice to select which one I want to use and deactivate the other before a ride?
Could someone please explain this to me?
Thanks and regards

Yes, you can buy and install a cadence sensor with ANT+/BLE and can pair it with Zwift.
These sensors are quite accurate.

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If Zwift detects multiple sources for any of the sensors it works with you can choose which one to use in the pairing screen when you log in.

As for whether or not it will improve things is a matter of what you’re looking for. There are some workouts that prescribe specific cadence for different steps in the workout but by and large it’s not going to make a difference in how quick your avatar goes in the game. 200w @80rpm is just as fast as 200w @100rpm


Thanks a lot Ben and Rodger. To answer your question - I am just looking for accuracy for planned training. Not so much response time. Is Wahoo good with Android and Mac ? I guess they had some issues connecting with Zwift.

I don’t know iMacs, but I think they can work with Bluetooth?
So the Wahoo cadence sensor should work with it.
If you want a cheaper one, I have a Cycplus C2 cadence sensor, which works fine.
It’s a chinese one that is sold with different brand names on amazon.

for example:

Thanks. Will check that out too.