Cadence and Heart Rate Monitors.

Hello all,
I’ve recently started using Zwift and I’m enjoying it immensely. I’m using a Wahoo Kickr Snap which doesn’t have a cadence sensor, which seems necessary when participating in workouts.
I was about to buy a Garmin speed and cadence sensor but then read that the Wahoo Tikr X measures both heart rate and cadence; would I be able to use the Wahoo for both measurements within Zwift?
I’m running Zwift on a MacBookPro with iPhone mobile app, and have ant+ dongle and Bluetooth available to me.

Thanks in advance (and apologies for my ignorance!)

The Wahoo Tickr X estimates cadence and if you are going to use it for workouts I would not recommend it.

I would just get the Wahoo Tickr and the Wahoo RPM Cadence. I know the total price is $10 more, but you will have more accuracy and not have one point of failure. 

Thanks for your reply.

I’d agree that an estimated cadence isn’t ideal. I’ll purchase the Garmin cadence sensor for now and look to acquire an HRM in the near future.

Thanks again.

Wahoo sensors use both Bluetooth and ANT+. That gives you flexibility. 

However, the Wahoo Tickr X won’t give you cycling cadence. It gives running cadence for some apps. A cycling cadence sensor attaches to your left crank, and some also require a device on the left chainstay. Wahoo has dual Bluetooth/ANT+ cadence sensors. You can also pair that with a speed sensor for outside use. 

ANT+ only sensors will work fine with your Mac with ANT+ USB stick. They won’t work with the iPhone or iPad or Apple TV. 

Zwift does not require a cadence sensor but it is useful added information. Heart rate is especially useful. 

Hey Steve, thanks for the info. I’m struggling to find the right cadence during workouts which is why a cadence sensor would be beneficial. Never used a HRM but understand the benefits so will do a little more research.


That is incorrect, the Wahoo Tickr WILL give an estimated cycling cadence.

I agree, stay away from Garmin since it is ANT+ only and Wahoo is duel dand giving much more flexibility.

Our Zwift experience is that our Wahoo TICKR X does not pair with Zwift for cycling cadence. That experience is using ANT+ to a Windows PC, as recently as today. The TICKR X does pair as expected for heart rate in Zwift.

That experience aligns with guidance from Zwift in this thread: TICKR X cadence?!. Zwift’s guidance in that thread, via Eric C., was, as of January 2016:

"The TICKR X gives you estimated cadence, which Zwift doesn’t use. The App still picks it up as this is a hold-over (which will be removed).

“The only cadence sensors that Zwift currently supports are those that give actual cadence - that are attached to power meters on the crank/chainring or to actual cadence sensors that live on the crank arm.”


I never said it would pair with Zwift as a cadence sensor, I said it will estimate cycling cadence. And if you look at this link from Wahoo it states that is will give cycling cadence for indoor rides:

As far as the other link, you should see how was the first to respond and say that they should not use the Tickr X as a cadence sensor within Zwift.

Interesting thread.

I tried Zwift on AppleTV for the first time yesterday. As I understand it that means any data Zwift (ATV) displays is transmitted via BlueTooth – HR from your strap, power from the trainer (Wahoo Snap) and both speed and cadence estimated by Zwift’s algo? 

I ask because clearly there was a cadence given – it was very inaccurate (I ran my Garmin 520 contemporaneously as a check).

The Speed/Cadence sensor on the bike is Garmin (ANT+).

To confuse things a bit, my HRM is a TickrX! So was the cadence in Zwift coming from the Zwift algo or from the TickrX?!

BTW an OT: there are good reasons to get a TickrX instead of the regular Tickr – it saves workouts onboard for later download. I find it really useful e.g. when I ride one of my bikes that isn’t totally wired with computer/sensors. I still get basic ride data (time and HR).