Running Cadence with TICKR-X

Hi all,

This is about running on a treadmill with Zwift on my iPad and using a TICKR-X HRM.

I am still using a workaround to get Zwift to pick up cadence data from the TICKR-X. This involves starting my run with the Wahoo Fitness app and then swiping up to shutdown the app. Then, when I start the Zwift app (on my iPad), it picks up the cadence data just fine.

To be honest, this is not a big deal - I can live with it - but I am just wondering if there is a better way to do this or if there is a fix in the works somewhere.

Any and all helpful advice appreciated! I did search on the forum about this topic, but could only find some old, archived posts from 2017.

BTW - I am getting speed data direct from the treadmill using the Wahoo Gym Connect module - I love that thing!


Hi Cris,

I think the TICKR X’s cadence function is more of a supplemental feature on a device which is primarily a heart rate monitor. In Zwift, any cadence readings from that device are not necessarily going to be accurate. If you’re wanting to pair a device for cadence that gets accurate and reliable readings in Zwift, I’d recommend pairing a supported footpod.

Hi Steven,

Thanks for the advice. I’m sure you are right about getting more accurate data from a dedicated footpod. The TICKR seems to do a reasonable job though - enough to give me an approximate idea of where my cadence is. For now, I think I’ll just live with the hack.