TICKR X cadence?!

As a cadence sensor I’m using the Tickr X (heartrate monitor). The iphone app works with the cadence of the strap but not the zwift program?!

Am I missing something here?

Why is it not possible to get the cadence in the software too?

The Tickr X is not a Speed and Cadence sensor for a bike it’s for running. You will need a Wahoo Blue S/C. 

You should read my whole text. Actually the Tickr X give you cadence information. But it’s only working with the Zwift app (it’s working with TrainerRoad, Wahoo Fitness…) but not the Zwift Desktop Software.

I read the entire text. 

The Tickr X is for running cadence, I have never heard of anyone using the Tickr X for bike cadence. I don’t think it would give you very accurate cadence on a bike, but it could for all I know. 

I don’t think the Zwift software would recognize the Tickr X as a cadence sensor so that is why I think you are having issues connecting it to the desktop software. 


It’s working pretty fine and it’s accurate when I compare it with other cadence sensors… but there is no reason why it would work in the zwift app but not the desktop software. 

maybe you’ll believe me now :wink:

Like I said I don’t think Zwift recognizes it as a Speed and Cadence sensor. I know it recognizes the Wahoo Blue S/C which I have used.

I am aware of what the Tickr X can do (I have a Tickr and a Tickr Run).

How is it working on the Zwift App? Are you seeing your cadence displayed on the Zwift app screen?

On Wahoo site it say that the indoor bike cadence works with the Wahoo App, there is no guarantee that it would work with Zwift.

This seems to be a Zwift programming issue and you should submit a request to have the Tickr X be considered for cadence.

Hi Thomas,

The TICKR X gives you estimated cadence, which Zwift doesn’t use. The App still picks it up as this is a hold-over (which will be removed).

The only cadence sensors that Zwift currently supports are those that give actual cadence - that are attached to power meters on the crank/chainring or to actual cadence sensors that live on the crank arm.

I’d like to see this too.  Why not use this data coming out of the Tickr X?

Hi Chris,

Please see my response from January 19th above your post.

I saw it.  I was essentially saying I agreed with Thomas with my first sentence.  

But I was also asking about why not use that information, which you didn’t answer.  My Wahoo app tells me what the cadence is when I am on Zwift, and the mobile app parrots this.  So why remove it?  I understand that the power/cadence meters are the only things you support today, but why not support this in addition?  Is there something wrong with it?

In my case the Tickr X initially worked fine as both HRM and cadence sensor on the Kickr, sending data to Zwift and on to my Mac Zwift display until a week or so back but now suddenly doesn’t give cadence any longer - HRM fine, no cadence. This despite the two facts that: _ 1 _ it worked fine for months until then, giving cadence and HR, and _ 2 _ my husband’s identical Tickr X, purchased at the same time, is still working fine for both HRM and cadence on the Kickr, as it always has. So the device _ HAS _ done fine for cadence (as specifically and explicitly stated in the product info and description on au.wahoofitness.com). So it must _ not _ be said that it is not intended as a cadence sensor for indoor cycling. I have tried all sorts of things to remedy this and am thinking of getting another branded sensor but still feel aggrieved that Wahoo do not seem to acknowledge this issue. I am sure there are consumer legal recourse mechanisms for this and will be looking at them.

At best the Tickr X would be an estimate of you cadence to be within 5-10 RPM on an indoor trainer. As a stop gap it is an exceptible solution, but not for long term.

I would recommend getting a Wahoo cadence sensor. sure you get the the correct one for your setup, they have an Ant+ and BLE.