Wahoo Tickr X on Zwift - doesnt broadcast speed/cadence for a run on Apple TV

Hey guys,

I recently purchased the Tickr X 2020 model in order to use its speed and cadence functionality on Zwift Run via Apple TV. However, I cannot get it to register any speed in Zwift when running.

Things I have tried:

  1. Confirmed speed is registered in Wahoo’s app and this is accurate after calibration
  2. Confirmed that heart rate works in Zwift
  3. Tried to calibrate in Zwift, but my speed always stays at a 0
  4. Tested with Zwift on iPad and i get the same result - doesnt show speed

Is there a trick to getting this working or should this just be as simple as connecting via Bluetooth?

Thanks for your help in advance

According to this page, the Tickr X is not supported for for running:

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Thanks Nigel - i saw that as well, but there are some many videos on YouTube showing that this is possible i assumed that it is possible, just not updated on Zwift’s page. It does seem to successfully connect, but just doesn’t recognise speed/cadence