Cadence importance

How important is accurate cadence on zwift?
My trainer conected via ant+ fe-c provides power and cadence…but cadence is often “slow” or inaccurate… I have much more accurate cadence readings when via cadence sensor on the wheel.
How does slow or laggy cad. Impact on the speed in zwift?

You can connect your more accurate cadence sensor to zwift if it is also ANT+.

But to answer your question it is only for visual and if you want to analyze your ride.

Thanks Gerrie! I conect cad sensor over companion Bluetooth, power and control over ant+ …it works fine.

Cadence accuracy is also important when doing workouts with a prescribed cadence range for different intervals. I’ve noticed on many occasions that Zwift doesn’t really dial-in the resistance/power level well for a given interval until my cadence is +/- 5 RPM of the interval’s target.

This may or may not be a function of the way that Zwift interacts with my specific trainer (Direto). I can’t really say - but it does matter, and it’s really awful if/when I don’t have an external cadence sensor on the bike and I have to use the Direto’s cadence measurement. So bad, in fact, that I bought additional garmin sensors for all bikes so that I don’t have to remember (anymore) to move the sensor onto whichever bike I’m using on the trainer.

Very good point that I did not mention.

I would not ever use a trainer’s virtual cadence calculation, it is so easy to put a cadence sensor on your bike (most people have one for out door riding in anyway)

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Yep, I sold my cadence sensor with my speed sensor and my old dumb trainer.
I thought my new Direto X would report Power and cadence, so happy days.
But the cadence from the Direto X is not nearly as accurate and fast as from my sensor.
And it was a cheap sensor from China.
Going to buy a proper cadence sensor again…

yeah and it was terrible!!

not when it comes to speed and cadence sensors - wahoo sensors are the worst i have ever come across - speed sensor was way off and the cadence sensor was erratic at best! and that is being very kind!

agree to disagree on this one then!