Unresponsive Favero Assioma

Hey, I recently bought some used Assioma Duo SHI pedals and have been enjoying them. Today, the left one charge, light up, or show up in the app. When I was switching them between bikes, it fell off the crank, but surely they are more durable than that. Anyone have any experience with something similar? I really don’t want them to be toast already.

Can you post a picture of what happened? If the pedal body came off the pedal spindle, I would contact the dealer. You may be able to reassemble it, but since it’s a new product that should not happen and I would ask for a replacement. If the pedal spindle unthreaded out of the crank arm, that’s probably an installation problem and you need to get it tighter.

Oops I’m sorry, you said they are used, so ignore my comment about talking to the dealer about replacement.

This is the service process if you need that.

Thank you for the reply and offer to help. There are no structural problems. Electrically, they won’t light up, turn on, charge, or sync.

Anyone else ?

Have you reached out to Favero?

Is it both of them, or just the left one that’s unresponsive?

Is the temperature very low where the pedals are? The battery charging is blocked if the temp is lower than 5C (e.g. in a garage/shed?).

Other than that, maybe carefully clean the sensor contacts with a cloth or maybe try using a smartphone battery charger in case the one you have it damaged (the USB end of fits into the Assioma magnetic connector).

Thanks, just the left. Had them inside for awhile and tried multiple chargers, blocks, and cables. The other concern was that the pedal still had good charge last time I used them and so it wasn’t dead. Bummed.

I’d contact Favero. Maybe they’ll do you a good deal or fix it under warranty?

Good luck :+1:

Try dropping it again… hey, you never know.