Favero Assioma left pedal cleat grinding sensation

hey all… Wondering if anyone has a similar issue. Lately when zwifting with my Favero Assioma cleats and power pedals, I’ve noticed that there is a “grinding” sensation on the cleat, especially when I’m out of the saddle and climbing. It feels like the contact plate is rubbing the cleat the wrong way, if that makes sense.

What should I do to try and go about troubleshooting this? Simply replace the cleat? Or try a different cleat position?

Thanks for any ideas.

spin the pedals by hand. If you feel the “Grinding” then the bearings might need greasing. I do not know if the Assiomas can be disassembled but I followed a Youtube video on how to do my P1’s and it is not too much trouble.

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Sounds like a bad bearing. Take the pedals off the cranks and rotate the spindles. Do they feel different? Does the left one have a gritty feel, or more resistance, or feel loose when you grab the pedal body and try to rock the spindle, or push/pull on the spindle? If so I would replace the bearings. Favero sells a bearing kit but you can probably source cheaper replacements from a bearing supply company.

Pedals feel smooth when rotating on crank by hand

Great! You can definitely feel bearings more precisely by taking the pedal off the crank arm so you can move the spindle by hand, but assuming the bearings are good the next thing to suspect is the cleat. I would check if the bolts are tight, and if they are you could also try swapping the cleats between left and right shoes to see if the problem moves to the other side.