Favero Assioma and shoes

I have bought favero assiomo duo today, but realized that I probably cant use my normal workout/running sneakers on them, so I might buy some cycling shoes. But I was thinking of my wife,… can she use the pedals with her sneakers without risking to destroy them? She will not care about zwift or data, just use the spinbike. Can it be done without risk of destroying the pedals? Any experience?

technically she could but practically it’d be pretty much unusable.

it wouldn’t destroy the pedals but would just be really hard to pedal properly

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Thank you! I dont want to destroy anything… I have seen there is some converters to “flat pedals”, but I have not found anyone who claim to work with favero… Does anyone know about this or have any experiences?

Faverro Assiomas use an xpedo cleat, they are kind of similar to a look keo cleat so if you can find a keo converter that might work - not tried it myself so can’t say it definitely will work.

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You can try these, I looked at them for when I put my pedals on my gravel bike. I did not get them yet.


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Like Gerrie says these will do the trick for you. The adaptor needs to be KEO compatible and these are.