Unregistered rider claiming trophies

I came across a guy on ZP - a very fit 80-year old doing 5-6 w/kg averages on whole courses without getting his avg HR above 100.

On his profile it says that he is not registered with ZP, but he is still in the results and claiming trophies (at least in most of the races where he isn’t DQ’ed for some reason).

What does it mean to not be registered with ZP when you are still claiming trophies?

With those stats there’s something suspicious and you should report it.


I couldnt be bothered to go through that whole process. I just wondered how a rider could be unregistered and still get results and trophies on ZP

A loophole of ZP…it’s same as racers on SPINBIKES with Virtual Power are allowed to race in Powermeter required Races.

Zwift please do something about this :pray:

Spinbikes are easy to spot with Cadence vs Power at 1:1


There are some definite oddities with Zwiftpower. Take a look at event ID 3775081.
How are the top medalists’ in the results missing Age, Weight, HR, Height numbers, even while their profiles have at least the age and weight info?

Edit: Nevermind the medalist mention. I realize it was timed training ride, but the observation still applies. You see this in some races as well.

That kind of just makes it worse. It needs calling out. Only way things will improve.

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Perhaps. But as I said, I’m not too bothered about the whole thing. Cant stop people from cheating or unknowingly disturbing the races by being on spinbikes or whatever. Just made me wonder how you can be unregistered and register results.

Zwift already knows everything they need to know to automatically detect and remove a rider like the one described in this thread. Reporting riders is a game of whac-a-mole that shifts the burden from the product designer to the user, and the lack of transparency (even if only in summary form) about actions taken to improve race integrity means some racers feel hopeless about the process and unmotivated to do the work. That’s not their fault - they can’t tell if it has any effect, and they can see that it often does not since the same egregious offenders are seen again and again even after multiple reports.


We had this a couple of weeks ago. No point in going over the same ground.


Maybe it’s part of a nursing home marketing campaign - Feel Young Zwiftly!!

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it’s possible he had a ZP account previously, then deleted it without unchecking one of the consent boxes on the site first (i forget which). i did the same thing once. it’s not very intuitive

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Ah, so the deletion is only kind of halfway implemented? Weird glitch.

Yesterday, the rider in question continued to tear up the Zwift courses and had the following performances recognized by Zwift and ZP:

At 2 am (my time), he did 5.1 w/kg avg to win a race involving 3 laps on Harrogate.

At 7 AM, he did the Podium series on Rolling Highlands. Only got 3rd, despite doing 5.7 w/kg avg

At 11.30 AM, he did the Hill Club and climbed the Alpe in 35 mins (did 5.9 wkg avg throughout the course).

Then at 1.30 PM he won a Chase Race doing 5.6 wkg for an hour with an avg HR below 90.

This is a fascinating athlete. Whatever he’s putting in his diet, I would like to purchase a dozen of them.

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Send me a link to his unregistered ZP profile please.

One might say he’s having a Lauf…


Think my HR goes above 90 when I laugh

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James, he has been reported through the correct channels numerous times and is still being allowed to enter and ruin races, it is making a mockery of Zwift racing right now.

Zpower ID is 592010


This is one I just don’t get. “Not registered” with A+ cat trophies?

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Thanks Bobby, aware of this one. I’ve asked the team to look into it.

Cheers James. He was in our Chasing Tour race again this morning but enough flagged him to get him removed quickly but he really shouldn’t be making it into the start pens.

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