Unregistered rider claiming trophies

I’ll make sure it’s addressed today if I have to do it myself.


Or he should be allowed to start and race as he wishes, but should just be permanently invisible to other riders (and of course not register results on ZP)

Can you also please look at ZwiftPower - Login . They spoil an A race basically every single day

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Thank you for dealing with this issue, unfortunately the fact that you have to personally step in proves the system (both automatic and manual review) is broken.


What did they eat that day?!

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Somebody had 3 shredded wheat… One for older British people there


My personal best is 24 in one sitting. With demerara sugar in a HUGE pasta bowl, sitting in the bath after a long bike ride.

I once ate 9 doughnuts (full with jam inside, there were 10, but that was a doughnut too far) in 5mins. Felt sick as a dog for the rest of the day and could barely stay awake! Good old insulin for you. 24 shreddies with demerara sugar is a monster of an effort

The root problem is complicated for this example.

  1. Zwiftpower has it’s own rules about no ZPower.
  2. Compounded that there’s also a rule that there’s Hardware Enforcement (need a power meter and HR)… but again, only applies to Zwiftpower. Can still enter race using ZPower??
  3. The Zwift events don’t disallow anyone violating #1 or #2 above from entering for some reason.
  4. I don’t believe DQs are extended to Companion App results for some reason
  5. Only half of race entrants seem to even be registered on Zwiftpower, so the other half aren’t even likely to be looking on Zwiftpower.

There is no relationship between ZCA and ZP.

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Hardware Enforcement is a solution that is available to event organisers that can prevent riders without a heart rate monitor or smart trainer / power meter paired from being able to enter an event.

It is different to auto-dq’s in ZP.

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I know, but isn’t that a problem?
Take the Race the Worlds signup ruleset as an example. It has a lot of inherent contradictions:

  • Racing Score is here… read all about it…
  • Signup for Zwiftpower to see your results
  • Pair your devices and Race

And the description of ZRS includes the mention that it doesn’t use any results from Zwiftpower in determining score (meaning all DQs count in ZRS I assume?).

James, would it be helpful to your job if there were options for Zwift racers to provide links to weigh-in, height confirmation videos, and trainer info - or simply an Ebiopassport link?

This could be listed below zftp on the zwiftpower profile where one could disclose the data. It would be entirely optional for racers to disclose but not mandatory.

This might help organizers means to control results or use for race entry? Basically expand elite Zwift racing criteria to the broader racing community but as an option that we choose to disclose.

Honestly, this isn’t my job - I come in here and try to help out where I can. I set up events for a living.

Ultimately any changes at the level you’re talking about would come from our Product Management team (they’re aware)