Question on results and people not showing up in them

Just curious.
Did a Cat enforced race today, and everything went fine. However one guy shot off the front and held 3.1 solo for 10min or so. We were racing D, so I told the rest of the group to let him go, and not burn out trying to catch him, because he would either quit early or be DQ’d anyway. When we finished, he showed up as finishing on the screen that lists the riders that pops up when you finish a race. and he in fact did go over with a 3.1 Avg. However he was nowhere to be found in the Zwift Power results, wondering how he avoided that so he could apparently stay in D. Not really upset about him riding hard, as I didn’t place. but just seems odd that he is somehow able to stay out of the ZP results and therefore not affect his Cat. standing.

Staying out of the ZwiftPower results will not affect a rider’s category. Category Enforcement looks at all efforts in all activities, not just races. It doesn’t matter if the activity is a completed ride, or if the ride is saved, etc. There are lots of riders who do not have a ZwiftPower account, and they still face the possibility of an upgrade. Depending on the details of his effort in the event, he may be racing C category the next time he signs up for an event.

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Zwift and Zwift Power are two separate things. In pretty much every race I do, there are always people in the top 10 who are not in Zwift Power. Only a fraction of Zwift users actually have ZP accounts, so their results in races will not show up in ZP. I didn’t know ZP existed until our club started some series events and required an account there to track results.

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In all real races only Zwiftpower results count. I personally don’t care what Zwift shows at the end because that’s not a cleaned Ranking. Zwiftpower has been around for along time and was created to sort out the many cheats on Zwift. All serious racers sign up for it because they have nothing to hide.

The rider in question may be a light wt rider.
While the w/kg may be above D cat limits, if their total watts are below the watt floor for C, they will remain in D