Why still in the results

Just finished a evo race and the guy who won avg 3.5 wkg and hes in the results. I see it’s his 1st race , could that be why? And he smashed the field by 18 secs

That’s a possibility, but there can be others. If you share the event ID and category you may get an answer.

EVO CC Race Series

Yesterday 17:30
Mech Isle Loop 4 Laps 16 km
All riders visible Scoreboard

All riders must wear a HRM
No ZPower riders
This was the race from yesterday and it was a C cat race
I’m bored with policing zwift races is there another platform that actively engage and encourage fair racing .

He did use an HRM, just doesnt show on zwiftpower, find him on companion and youll see it.

Good effort by the lad.

I wouldn’t worry, you’re still on the podium in over 75% of your starts. It could be worse.


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Yes I’m not concerned about HRM I’m aware it’s on zwift , that was just a cut n paste of the race rules .
My point was he avg 3.5 wkg and remains in the results . Yes I’m on the podium but the guy in 4th isn’t ?

DQs for power related things (other than ZP tags for using a muin/non power source etc) aren’t applied anymore in most series. If a rider goes above cat the result stands and they are simply moved up to the next cat for future races.

at least, the principle is simple. in practise, it’s not very obvious whether a rider has moved up because of a race or not