Zpower rider

When a race says ‘no ZPower’ riders, what does that mean?
What is a ZPower rider?

Rider using a turbo without a proper power meter.

it mean no Fake power numbers.


There are two ways that organizers can manage riders using zPower, which means a speed sensor instead of a power meter:

  1. They can configure the event to remove zPower riders from the results. But they can still enter the event and ruin it.

  2. They can ask Zwift to turn on hardware enforcement which requires a power meter in order to enter the starting pen. You can identify these events in the Companion app because there will be a little lightning bolt icon on them.


Ah ok. That explains it.

Not from wheel on trainers anyway, but spin bikes, Elite Muins, badly calibrated cheap direct trainers and Android power faking apps are fine.

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that rule is old as hell. zpower isn’t common enough to really matter anymore. the only time i notice it is when some level 1 guy from a developing country is getting railed in public chat for using it


I see them in live streams of A races. Like 6 riders, 2 zPower, they tow some lucky fellow to the line like robo pacer domestiques and get out sprinted.

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they all yell at him, but we are all jumping on that taxi ride without hesitation every single time. it is a proud zwift tradition


Or they are going faster than a world tour pro.

I would say ban those devices from racing but that still leaves trainers with optimistic power (or power meters reading high for that matter) that still has same effect.

Races need a dedicated human commissaire with the power to immediately boot riders or penalise them somehow. The comm should be of high standing from the organiser of the race.

Is HR2VP disqualified now as a power meter?

nobody is gonna pay that person money to do that and only power tripping idiots who are a complete liability to themselves and everyone around them is gonna want to do that sort of extra work for free

i know this to be true. what could be done is some sort of auto cheat detection, but the terms would have to be liberal and chances are a bunch of people are going to have to manually review every appeal anyway. this too, i know to be true. but it is a better idea in principle

we should have to weight in weekly with a video can send it to zwift and stop weight doping

The rider you’ve been complaining about could have been automatically disqualified without a weigh in. Reviewing weigh in videos is expensive. Banning people who manipulate their weight by that much is relatively easy by comparison. No report should be needed for that to happen.


I way I thing is I pay to ride and race to zwift so pay people to do that job

Then you’d have to pay more than you’re already paying. Is that what you want? But imagine if an insane weight change were met with a prompt like this…


I didn’t get paid to commissaire in real life except for the big state level races, but I did it anyway because if nobody does it then racing can’t happen. I was happy to help out and give a few days a month (as other comms did).

None of us were power tripping idiots either. Talk about rudeness… :roll_eyes:

At least the racers I dealt with were all well mannered and appreciative.

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the internet is not the same as real life. do you race on zwift? this is not a rhetorical question. convince me, a person who races on zwift, why i should be appreciative of letting you, a stranger, have authority over me. you already lost me at telling me i should be “appreciative” of you, but explain that idea to me.

have you read and understood fully the zwift terms of service, for a start? the last time i brought it up around someone who actually does do something along these lines for a race series called FRR, they didn’t know where the ToS was. full credit to the guy for actually asking and presumably reading them since, but like i said, a liability. and if you think i’m taking this stuff overly serious, then again, you or anyone else reading this is not cut out for doing this proposed volunteer role

I think a lot of racers on Zwift are appreciative of the hard work that goes into setting anything up, whether it be a group ride, work out or race.
Many of us saw the hard work Sticky put into Zwift Power.
There are a few cheaters that game the system but it is not a majority and there is still a great benefit to Zwift racing.
The people at Zwift work hard too.

We are only paying $15 a month.


thanks for finding a way to say it nicely. i don’t have it in me anymore… people of sticky’s caliber are thin on the ground