Rider has not registered at ZwiftPower.com

Why is a rider who is listed at 186cm (6’) tall and 110kg (242) and
has a disqualifying note “Rider has not registered at ZwiftPower” counted in the results in every race he rides in.

His ranking is 437.99 in 106 races in ‘D’ Category.

His weight to height ratio seem unrealistic.

why is this rider counted in ZwiftPower results?

I don’t know if that Hight and weight is so unrealistic. At one point I was 111kg @186

For more info:
Please send a E-mail to zwiftpower@zwift.com

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Indeed. That height/weight combination is nothing unusual.

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Gerry thanks for the reply. So in your response to me to implied that you were heavier than you are now. So please tell me, what kind of rider were you at that weight. Did you also have a race ranking at that same time similar to his of 437.99?

The other major point I try to make is that his profile says that he is unregistered in Zwiftpower.

So how can an unregistered rider place FIRST in a race??

I asked this directly to the moderators and never got a reply.

This means the rider has opted into data sharing with ZP on Zwift but not completed Zwiftpower registration, so Zwiftpower will have all the data if needs to place that rider in the results and determine category etc.

As others have said, their height/weight is nothing unusual at all. Nor can I understand why their height/weight ratio is any factor in where they are in the Zwiftpower rankings?

He can still rank, it is just that he does not have done the final steps.


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