Good Morning. I cannot pair my device with the game.
already uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing.
The problem is not with my roller because I can ride the Rouvy without any problem.
if i can’t access i will have to change …
it is very bad to be paying and not being able to access.

@Nelson_Cordeiro could you provide more information about your setup so we can try to help out. How are you running Zwift (PC, Mac, iOS, AppleTV)? What brand/model equipment are you trying to connect? What protocol are you using (BLE or ANT+)?

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Hello @Nelson_Cordeiro welcome to Zwift forums
Shuji at ZwiftHQ here. I’m looking at your session logs on our server and I’m seeing something unusual. Sometimes, the signals from your trainer’s sensors (cadence, speed and controllable trainer types) are clearly identified as the Tacx Flow Smart.

Other times, the trainer signals are identified as a generic “FE-C” signal with no brand name, no specific model. This is the unusual part.

When you installed the latest game app, I’m curious if some remnant remained on your computer. Can I ask you to try a fresh install, but this time - delete some folders on your hard drive manually?

First - please move your Personal Best and Custom Workout files somewhere they won’t be deleted. You will move these back after you’re done. Here are instructions on the entire process.

Would you try this and report back?