16th March update shut down Wired Elite Trainers

I have a Wired RealAxiom trainer that yesterday was fine, this morning after update it doesn’t sync anymore in the pairing screen.

Relevant informations:

  • another user reported A Wired Real Tour with the same issue on the Game Update post
  • my Device Manager recognizes the COM6 port as usual
  • the Elite Software works just fine with my trainer, so it’s very likely to be an issue with the most recent update

Delete known_devices.xml and try from fresh.


Ok, I’ll try that, but I have reinstalled Zwift on PC and the problem is still there.

I’ll let you know if that worked out, thanks!

I hace the same problem. I deleted the file but still wont work

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Mine did the same, worked monday, hopped on to ride tonight, it did an update and it didn’t find my elite trainer that has been working fine for years. Deleted knowndevices.xml, rebooted everything a few times… no go. Guess Zwift will be loosing a subscriber if this isn’t fixed.


j’ai le même problème j’ai un Elite de Realaxiom câblés qui fonctionnais très bien avant la mise a jour du 16 mars maintenant j’ai essayé plusieurs fois tout essayer et rien ne fonctionne Zwift a t’il l’intention de faire quelque chose dans ce dossier ou nous laisser en plan,

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I’ve tried everything, reinstalling, deleting “kwnow devices.xml” etc.

I’ve also contacted Zwift HQ and they answered me saying that a lot of users reported the same issue. I guess they are working to fix this. They asked me to send them some files on the e-mail attach, I guess it’s a clue, guess we’ll have to wait.

Fellow french:
J’ai tout essayé, reinstallé le logiciel, suprimé le “know devices.xml” etc.

J’ai contaté le service support et ils m’ont dit que bcp de zwifters ont reporté le meme problème que nous, je pense qu’ils sont en train de resoudre le problème. Ils m’ont demandé d’attacher qqs fichiers dans la réponse mail que je les ai envoyé, ils nous reste attendre.

j’ai aussi le même problème avec l’entraineur Elite RealPower. J’ai aussi tout essayé donc il manque juste à l’équipe de Zwift de résoudre le problème.

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La même chose pour ma part
La connexion zwift / real axiom à disparue depuis la mise à jour

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Same issue here, keeps telling bluetooth is not connected, but i use wired solution.

Did anyone find an answer to this ?

Still waiting ?

Yes, still waiting.

I’ve e-mailed sunday, still no answer, but they should be working if I had to guess

Answering to myself, lol

Just saw a new update announcement. They fixed it, but I haven’t tested yet, only tomorrow morning I can say if ti’s fine

I opened up the program yesterday, it said it had to update, and did… low and behold my Elite Real tour USB works again.

I try this morning and they fixed it. Everything works fine for me on a wired Elite Realpower