What's new on Watopia! (8/13 v1.0.6344)

Hi fellow Zwifters, today’s update is a minor patch  to fix up a few issues we’ve seen and had reported. It is also worth mentioning that this will most likely be the final 32bit update for Zwift, as we are ending support for the older and less common Windows OS’s.  

This update includes:

  • Fix for issue where Elite Real Axiom was being found as an incorrect trainer after the first pairing.  If you still see this issue, delete your Documents\Zwift\knowndevices.xml once and it should be good from then onwards.
  • Segment timer showing at improper times and places resolved
  • Computrainer will now work on any com port, not just COM1-COM9
  • Riders should be less likely to swerve when network conditions aren’t optimal
  • ANT+ pairing should be more robust when removing and re-inserting the ant dongle
  • Test feature: putting out 0 watts will now apply a slight amount of brake drag. This may aid users with getting into a draft

Ride on!

Team Zwift