What's new on Watopia! (5/14 v1.0.5004)

Hey Zwifters! We’ve got a few updates today, including four new trainers we support with zPower.

  • Avatar gender issues finally ironed out (gender of the user sets the gender of the avatar)
  • ‘Just Watch’ button added to pairing screen now
  • Fix for extra-long names in the friends list
  • More art!

Our new supported trainers are all Tacx Classic trainers this time:

  • Tacx Blue Motion
  • Tacx Blue Matic
  • Tacx Blue Twist
  • Tacx Booster

Ride on!

Team Zwift

pairing for kickr broken now.  i have spent that last hour without success.  strong wifi/internet, nothing else on - stuck in a non-sim mode again.

very frustrating…

Same problem with the Kickr after the update

Can’t connect my Cycleops Powerbeam Pro, a new Garmin HR Monitor, or the Garmin Cadence meter after the update.

It did pick up the “PowerMeter #####” from when I was using the Powerbeam as a dumb trainer, and my old HR monitor.  

Tried deleting the known devices list but that didn’t help.

In short - completely unusable.  

I guess this is already a known issue, but I will highlight that my Garmin Cadence/Speed sensor is no longer discover able with this new update. 

Practically I can’t use vPower and my Elite Qubo Fluid trainer.

I’m back to boring indoor sessions. Darn!