What's new on Watopia! (5/21 v1.0.5100)

Hey Zwifters!  We’ve improved the ANT pairing in this update and it should resolve the issue introduced in last weeks update.

Fixes and Enhancements include:

  • ANT connections should be more reliable on USB dongles with an older chipset
  • Idle riders will disappear from the world after 20 minutes and will re-appear if/when they start moving again.
  • Significant reduction in memory usage

Our new supported trainers are:

  • Minoura V270
  • Minoura B60
  • Minoura LR340
  • Minoura LR760
  • Minoura LR960 
  • Minoura Magteqs Twin
  • Minoura RDA80-D
  • Minoura RDA2429-R
  • 1up USA

Ride on!

Team Zwift

I noticed it ran a bit smoother on my borderline system. Thank you for the update with usage or resources. 

Thanks guys.  I noticed today that my cadence wasn’t working and it was showing a cadence that wasn’t mine.  I’ve got a Garmin cadence and speed sensor paired and my other kit is a Cyclops Powerbeam Pro Ant +.

Thanks guys and I’m loving Zwift.




Really excited about the “Minimal UI” option!! I hope this will hide all the UI panels and just show the game graphics.

It seems to be disabled at the moment though, when do you expect this option to go live?

Thank you for the Minoura support.

Was hoping for it to happen :smiley: