Companion App connecting to two trainers

My KickerCore while using the Zwift Companion App is connecting to my wife’s Tacx trainer causing her to drop her connection. I can see both trainers in

Might need a bit more detail to diagnose?

Is your wife riding at the same time as you? Are you checking that each of you connect to the right trainer on the pairing screen?

Hit sent too soon.
Yes riding at the same time. Usually I’m already riding and connected to KickerCore. She starts and connects to her Tacx trainer, but then looses Bluetooth connection. I go to the garage and look at controllable connections I see mine and her trainer. It doesn’t allow me to remove hers, but only select between the two.

It sounds like the connection to the Tacx is dropping and then when it reconnects it’s finding the strongest signal which is yours. Not sure how you can avoid this. Can you go to Ant+ connections for one or both which might eliminate the issue.

I might have to.

Never used Ant+ with my companion app and MacBook.