[UNOFFICIAL] Zwift manual / players guide

After seeing all the questions on here, I took the liberty of creating an unofficial manual. The doc is at http://goo.gl/W8XeeX.

It’s definitely a work in progress and something I literally just threw together 30 seconds before making this post.

If you’d like to be an editor, shoot me an email at bdcheung {at} google {dot} com

great stuff! I was working one too so will look at adding info to your template maybe. Quick note: 8lbs isnot 17 kgs. Think you meant the opposite. Also power and cadence are in top left, not right. Cheers!

Richard you’re right – I got my conversion rates mixed up!

Was helpful after my first ride today!

You should add something abut the .fit files being saved locally in the documents/zwift/activities folder. I see this question come up most often in the support forums.

…and that riders moving erratically on the road, or running off road, typically indicates that the erratic rider is having either network difficulties or has a low-end video card with a sub-par frame rate.

Added! I put in a new “FAQ” section for these kinds of topics.

Thank you for starting this!

Tried to email you but got a Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently… can you email me at appdeveloper (at) gmail (dot) com?

This is great, well done!


A couple of additions for the unlockables section. Level 7 unlocks the steel bike. I think level 6 was the classic wheels.

As for the feather boost, I got the impression it was about .5 watts/kg of boost, as opposed to a specific amount in pounds…

Thanks for doing this. :slight_smile:

Tried to email too. I have also created a web version of a user manual. But it’s rather picture heavy at www.titaniumgeek.com. If you’d like to combine them, please email me through the site

Level 8 was the Zipp 404 wheels. I just hit level 9, which unlocks the regular camo jerseys (as opposed to level 11, which unlocks the digital camo jerseys).

Thanks Kenneth. I’ve updated things to show that. Interested to see whats beyond level 15 when the next update comes!

hi Brian,


Would like to contribute. can you add me with simpkinsmpa (@) gmail (.com)

You got it, Matthew!  Thanks!

Brian, if you want to add me as a contributor / editor as well, I would be happy to help. I have experience writing FAQs and user guides, in addition to being a stickler for language. :slight_smile:


Done!  Thanks Kenneth!

I’ve never gotten the listed F1-F10 commands to do anything noticeable in the application. Do they really work?   Is this document current? There’s nothing listed past Level 15, for example; and when I got an achievement for 500 watts, it had a different name than listed in the document.

The F-commands definitely work.

I haven’t put anything past level 15 because I’m only level 15 myself.

What was the achievement named for the 500 watts?