New resource - Zwifterbikes web app 🚲

So, I just spotted this site elsewhere and have already added it to the monthly resource megathread.

However, I’ve seen zero discussion of it so I’m also posting here for visibility.

Has anyone played with it? I can’t speak to the data-integrity (little help?) but the interface is quite nice.

Playing with the sliders at the left, you can see what the “new best” bike and wheel combo are as your level and available drops increase. It gets really interesting when you add TT bikes and find out that the the very light Canyon Speedmax CF SLX Disc is a decent climber.

Looks cool

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Had a super quick look and from what I can tell, it’s based on ZI CSV data on the speed chart pages so 300 watts, AdZ and 2 x TF laps and no drafting.

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